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The Show

Imagine you meet a stranger who takes you by the hand, looks in your eyes and knows your past, your present and your future. A man who knows what you are really thinking and feeling. “An Audience with Luke Jermay - The Mind Reader” is Manchester’s most mind-blowing night out. Your mind will be read, your future will be predicted and your own intuitive power will be put to the test in a series of flabbergasting interactive demonstrations of mind-reading and prediction that will astonish and amaze.

Jermay is mind blowing. You would be out of your mind to miss this show!

The Sun

My jaw dropped repeatedly... Jermay puts us in a state where we can wonder whether life has more possibilities than we thought it did an hour before

The Times

Jermay is different... To gain power like his he must be in league with the devil. Utterly astonishing in the extreme.

The Edinburgh Evening News

The biggest mystery remaining to be answered must be how long before Jermay is packing out theatres across the country?

All Edinburgh Theatre

His is an extraordinary gift, definitely in league with the devil... You will simply not believe your eyes and ears. A genius of mind reading.

Remote Goat

Unaccountably on the money and charismatic to boot... Make sure you go and catch this show, it's a bit of a spellbinder!

The Gay Times

Unbelievably amazing

West End Frame

His telepathic skills are quite remarkable...Sixth Sense is a really great experience and quality entertainment. You should go. Jermay already knows you are coming...

Camden New Journal

Jermay does outrageous things that are inexplicable - over and over again... He really can just look at you and know what you're thinking...

Broadway Baby

The man is the Devil, pure and simple... He is spookily accurate, which left us wondering whether to applaud or run screaming in terror... Anyone interested in mind reading, mysticism or simply a bloody fun bit of theatre should see Sixth Sense right now.

The Void

Watching Jermay read someones mind was an absolute delight the participants facial expressions & reactions were exquisite... Sixth Sense sure to keep you on your toes, switching between the sensation of shock and the stimulation of laughing.

The Upcoming

Jermay performs feats that ought to be impossible... Give up trying to understand it, go in open-minded and enjoy the evening for what it is. INCREDIBLE.

BLT Reviews

Jermay is a genius of modern mind reading.  See his amazing live show!


Jermay is utterly astonishing

Uri Geller

Jermay is f*****g amazing, the real deal

Simon Baker

Jermay is one of my favourite performers! See his show!

David Blaine

The Experience

The show is highly interactive in nature. Featuring Jermay’s astonishing demonstrations of mind-reading and prediction as well as his acclaimed signature demonstration of blindfolded personal intuitive readings.

Almost everyone in the audience receives a personal reading in a unique experience that is amazing, funny, controversial, uplifting and insightful. This is not the traditional theatre show. You do not watch the show, you are 
the show.

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The Impossible Gin Bar, Manchester

The Venue

Two hours long with musical interludes and conversational breaks throughout, each ticket includes a complimentary cocktail and canapés are served during the performance.

Strictly limited to 30 persons per show; tickets are £50 per person and only sold in pairs, making this an ideal date night activity.

The show is staged in the luxurious and quirky “Theatre Impossible” 36 Peter Street, Manchester.

Three Simple Rules

A night like no other calls for some rules. And as an interactive, mysterious experience, we have just three. To wit:

No. 1

Arrive On Time

The performance is best enjoyed from start to finish. Any attempts by latecomers to gain entry by climbing through windows, crawling through air-conditioning vents or tunnelling beneath the building will be met with force. The show begins at 7.30pm and we ask that you arrive no later than 7.15pm to be welcomed with a complimentary cocktail and escorted to your seat in the theatre.

No. 2

Bring A Photograph

We ask that you bring a physical, real, actual photograph with you to the performance. This photograph may be used in the performance but will not be damaged in anyway and will be returned in the exact condition it is presented in. One with some emotional and sentimental value is best.

No. 3

Get Dressed Up

We do not judge a book by its cover. We don’t think ‘dressed up’ means you have to wear a suit or cocktail dress if that is not your style. We welcome creative acts of personal expression in your clothing. We do however insist that you wear shoes, no one wants to see your feet.

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Tickets are sold as pairs.
Making this an ideal date night gift