Mind Reader is an intimate fully immersive experience showcasing the remarkable powers of the human mind. Those attending are not ‘an audience’ rather they are transformed into a group of explorers navigating a series of mysteries, unique mind games and astonishing demonstrations of telepathy, prediction and intuition. Your mind will be read. Your future will be predicted. Your own intuition will be unleashed. You will experience mystery and amazement. You will remember this experience for a lifetime.
Luke Jermay is the most incredible man you’ve probably never heard of. His awe inspiring intuitive abilities have gained him high profile fans such as David Blaine, Derren Brown, Dynamo and Uri Geller who all agree Jermay is astonishing. Jermay has earned critical acclaim with 5 Star reviews from Edinburgh to London’s West End with his theatre show ‘Sixth Sense’ which toured nationally and appeared in 7 different countries. As well as his own unique performances Jermay is sought after by high profile magicians, mentalists and mystery entertainers across the world to collaborate and create material for their use on television and in theatre. Most recently Luke was the head writer and creative consultant for the Dynamo “Seeing Is Believing” arena tour. Jermay has authored over 30 books on the topics of intuition, theatrical magic, mentalism and hypnosis. His original concepts, techniques and approaches to achieving the impossible have been adopted by magicians, hypnotists and mystery entertainers across the world.
We ask that you bring a physical, real, actual photograph to the show. While this is not mandatory it is suggested. At each performance these photos are used in a demonstration. Your photograph will in no way be damaged and will be returned to you in exactly the condition you presented it in. A photograph that has some emotional or nostalgic connection is best.
We know that meeting a mind reader might sound a bit frightening to some! Do not worry. Jermay cares about his audience. He will not do anything to embarrass or upset you. This is an evening of entertainment. You will be amazed and entertained.
Put simply ‘dress to impress’ Mind Reader is a luxury experience and audience members use the performance as an opportunity to get dressed up! We understand that not everyone wants to wear a suit and tie, if thats not their style. We do not judge but suggest you dress for a luxurious and quirky evening out.
The performance is approximately two hours long with interludes throughout for cocktails, canopies and conversation.
The show takes place inside “Theatre Impossible” 36 Peter Street in Manchester. With its recent 3 million pound renovation the venue is a marvellous combination of style, modernity and atmosphere that brings its own magic to this unique experience.
Yes! Your tickets include complimentary canopies and a complimentary cocktail from the impressive cocktail menu created by the team at “Impossible” inspired by and to compliment the experience.
Children are not permitted to the show. We operate an 18 and up age policy. No exceptions can, under any circumstances be made.
The intimate nature of the show and the content makes it an ideal date night event. Our current seating plan only allows for pairs of tickets. Bring a friend!
All ticket sales are final but tickets may be transferred to someone else. Please just use the confirmations of the original purchaser.
Unless your question is ‘what are the lottery numbers’ we welcome it! Simple get in touch here: info@lucy-rennie.local and we will do our best to be of assistance.